BBC 'Shakespeare's Stories' - 4 x Interactive Dramas

A while ago the BBC ran a 4 part series of modernised versions of 4 plays by the famous playwright Shakespeare. Cast with the crème of British talent this series was supported by a very innovative and advanced interactive tool that allowed it's viewers to watch the 4 plays then choose to explore the workings behind the plays... the 'glossary', the themes.. etc.

Our Director Of Photography Une Herzer, was brought in as Lighting Director and Technical Supervisor to the studio recordings of these BBC dramas as well as the menu option recordings that were hosted by actor David Oyelowo.

The plays featured were, 'Macbeth', Much Ado About Nothing', 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' and 'The Taming Of The Shrew'.

These interactive recordings were shot in the same minimalist space, devoid of theatrical trappings to give focus to the play in it's rawest form. The only difference was the creative input allowed to Une in translating the scene to 4 unique canvases through light alone. Further graphic enhancements were added to the 'glossary' choice in the interactive experience, to explain further explain the words Shakespeare penned in his plays. 

Widely acclaimed, this series of interactive experiences that supported the dramas aired on the BBC were nominated for both BAFTAs and BANFFs.

This is the final drama piece for the 'Macbeth' play with the glossary graphics.