BBC Multi Platform - 'The Burning Room'

A while ago we had the pleasure to co-create a test platform for BBC's Multi Platform department. The brief was to explore the possibilities in interactive media that can be accessed by BBC's millions of online viewers.

Ace camera assistant Mihali Moore and Coob's Donnelly brothers discuss the required technicals for the panoramas.

Working again with Producer Jon Aird as we have on many previous adult education interactive experiences run on the BBC website. This time we had a 'blank canvas' and together, creative control in creating something that would explore the possibilities for online experiences, and something that could be easily adapted to terestrial projects such as Dr Who or Eastenders for instance.

Teamed up with Coob as we have done again in similar projects, we got going on drafting a scenario for our story to take place. For this a horor / suspense genre was chosen, as we also wanted to test out VFX elements in this experience.

ALL flame effects were filmed live in a Chromakey set up on site, and in the end up to 100 layers per frame were made to enhance certain scenes. The mastery of our VFX guru William Chang brought this to reality, while Adam Cutts, our Set Designer and Props Master worked his magic in creating the various sets to the final 'burn-out' set.

Exploring the paroramics was a key action we wanted to incorporate, as well as video insertion and sound cues.

The biggest hurdle we came up against was the compression in the platform of Flash video, where the very large VFX files had to be compressed heavily to ensure the smooth running of the experience.

Well received, we are now exploring the options of taking this and translating it to other genres like drama.

So take a moment, turn out the lights, and Enjoy!


DOP On Another Green Screen Chromakey Shoot

Une Herzer, our DOP has worked a lot over the years with London Film Studios, Broadley Studios.

They had a green screen shoot they asked to have him run for them for US client Staples Advantage. During the day we shot 2 series of PTC links for their various services.

Using a favoured wrap-around lighting rig 

For the size of the studio, 20,000 watts of light would be a tad much, however Une wanted a soft 'wrap-around' light with double baffled sources for both Key and Fill, that meant 2 x 5ks off the top.
The final results were VERY nice... wrapped early which the clients liked too!

A great place to film where in the past we have booked ALL of our 'BBC Training' shoots there as well as several commercials too... well recommended location.


A promo from the archives - BBC 'Genius'

Going through content for the new website, there was too many projects to have them all listed. Here is one from the archives, 2 promos for BBC 'Genius'. We got a call from Red Bee Media on a Friday afternoon, can we set-and light on Monday morning for a 60m2 garden set with shed, live turf and plants with the shoot on Tuesday?... YES Of course we can!

So Monday we were there with a 3 man HD crew, and lighting plan for the Gaffer and his team... our green fingered camera assistant, Danny Etheridge even laid a hell-a-lotta turf as well.

First a base light arrangement of a dozen+ space lights

... then a couple 10K lamps get wrapped in cookies n' flags

.. well the riggers 'SkyJack' was free!

'Genius' set almost complete... now for the landscaping, and we're good for rehearsals.