Light Hackers Blog... All Welcome!

We here at Light Hackers are just ironing out the final kinks in the new site.

Cross browser viewing is a nightmare... damn you Chrome and Internet Explorer, hail Firefox and the winner Safari!!

Still a few pages to design, like our 'Behind the Scenes' gallery, and page entries for our core personnel.

This blog will keep you up to date with our recent work and also a portal for training and general viewpoints from us to you.

Recent work like a new trailer for BBC's 'National Treasures' where on a beautiful sunny day at Greenwich's old Naval College, we shot Dan Snow and Sian Williams for the series that sees them touring the country and discovering what treasures it holds.

New site is almost ready to launch... getting excited now!

In keeping with the old philosophy 'measure twice, cut once' we have been a tad picky in getting things ironed out for our new site.

However phase one is almost complete and so we hope to be launching the new site soon!!