A promo from the archives - BBC 'Genius'

Going through content for the new website, there was too many projects to have them all listed. Here is one from the archives, 2 promos for BBC 'Genius'. We got a call from Red Bee Media on a Friday afternoon, can we set-and light on Monday morning for a 60m2 garden set with shed, live turf and plants with the shoot on Tuesday?... YES Of course we can!

So Monday we were there with a 3 man HD crew, and lighting plan for the Gaffer and his team... our green fingered camera assistant, Danny Etheridge even laid a hell-a-lotta turf as well.

First a base light arrangement of a dozen+ space lights

... then a couple 10K lamps get wrapped in cookies n' flags

.. well the riggers 'SkyJack' was free!

'Genius' set almost complete... now for the landscaping, and we're good for rehearsals.