Scripting & Storyboard

Scripting is the first step in communicating your vision to screen. We will work through this process with you, fine tuning your content, and translating the dialogue / message into a final draft, and onto a shooting script, shot list and shooting schedules. For commercials and promos, this often carries forward to storyboards being drafted.

Production Personnel

Often brought in during the Pre-Production stage, our production personnel can also be brought in ‘as and when needed’ for shoots or post, separately. Whatever you may need to support a production be it Producers, Directors, APs to Researchers and Runners.
From the get-go Light Hackers’ production personnel come in to help drive the project forward.
All experienced in their respective genres, you get the best people onboard for the type of projects being produced.

Set Design & Construction

From set dressing of props to full-scale sets, Light Hackers’ Set Designers are there to create your vision. Working very closely with our Directors of Photography and Lighting Directors, the resulting visuals become an environment purpose made for your production.

HD / SD Film Crews

Our award winning HD film crews operate both nationally and internationally.
We offer a range of services to cater to our client’s needs and budgets. From SD to HD and the now more popular solid state HD formats, we supply the right option for your workflow. Specializing in providing you with an all-in shooting package, this helps in keeping to your budget as all services are contained and there is no need for outsourcing separately. Additional options we supply are MUA’s, Steadicam & Camera Grip, Autocue as well as Aerial and Underwater Filming among others.

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Chromakey Filming

As well as commercials and multi camera shows, our speciality in studio work is Chromakey filming. Director of Photography Une Herzer, has a wealth of knowledge in filming and lighting design for this discipline. We offer 3 unique extra services to the standard studio shooting arrangement,
Confidence Keyer’, ‘Live Uncompressed Capture and 'Keying To Rendered Alpha Channel'

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Film Studios

We specialize in offering you an all in package for studio productions. Light Hackers are therefore considered as a ‘one-stop-shop’ where with one call; all aspects in a shoot are handled by us. Working in co-operation with many London based studios, we offer ‘studio’ services right for your needs and budget. Importantly, this allows you the reassurance that all aspects are taken care of through a single source.

Camera Grip & Steadicam

Sometimes you want that certain panache to make a good sequence a great one. Sometimes the terrain or location is hard to work in without the use of a jib’s reach, or a suspended camera, gliding over rocky ground. That’s where we come in. From 30’ jib arms, rock solid tracking dolly shots to an exciting walk through on Steadicam. We love a challenge to make the shots work and will crew you with our highly trained grips and operators to fit the bill, and fly the rig!


The demand for more innovation coupled with original creativity has become that much more apparent in current productions within the fields of broadcast and film. Often with new creative thinking comes a requirement for more complex ways to technically execute the Director’s vision. This is why special effects services have become an absolute necessity along the production process. We see this as 2 fold, firstly the more subtle approach to enhance the visuals, and secondly ... well that is where we crack our knuckles, turn to the screens and shine!

HD / SD Editing - FCP & AVID

For many years now the trend in editing has moved mainly to non-linear workflows. We therefore offer our clients two edit systems, Avid and Final Cut Pro. Both suites are equipped to handle all formats from SD to high-end HD. These tools and the operators that run them have brought Light Hackers’ post operations accredited acclaim. Working closely with our other post operations, grading, VFX and animation, Light Hackers has a lot to offer after the studio lights go out!

Chromakey Keying

In addition to our Chromakey filming, we offer our clients a final service in the post stage, Keying To Rendered Alpha Channel. We key the footage for you and create rendered alpha channel QuickTime files. You simply then 'drag & drop' these files into any non-linear edit suite's timeline as a keyed foreground layer. We found in the past that even the best lit and shot footage is only as good as the keying tools available and the operators that run them at the post stage, and so this added service has proved to be a much appreciated aid to our BBC clients.

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Corporate Productions

With over 20+ years experience in Broadcast and Corporate productions, we have had the pleasure of working for the biggest trans world companies to new start-ups alike. The main connection these have to each other is our approach to each project… Always looking to surpass the needs of the client’s brief.
Our corporate production services include:

  • Event Coverage
  • Electronic Press Kits
  • Promotional Videos
  • Interviews
  • Internal Training Videos
  • Corporate Photography
  • Website Video Content

CG Animation & Graphics

Our CG animation services start from something as simple as creating a fully computer generated 3D logo for branding purposes, to a full scale title sequence. Perhaps you imagined something more complex, such as a fully computer generated dinosaur interacting with live actors in a given scene.
If you can imagine it, we can create it!!