Industry Awards and Nominations

A typical 2-man film crew is kitted with the following base kit (this is always adapted to suit formats and specific requirements)

Broadcast Camcorders - (typically Sony XDCAM HD range or Panasonic's HPX 3000 has been very popular)
Broadcast 100mm Fluid Head Tripod
Zoom Demand
SxS  or P2 Cards
Card Readers
Mac Book Pro - for file management
500GB External Drives
High Res HD Field Monitor
SQN 4S (or above) Audio Mixer (on 2 man crews+)
2 x Radio Mic Packs
2 x Line Mic Packs
1 x 416 Boom
1 x Reporter Mic
Top Light
Gekko Tech ‘Kiss Lite’ (Ring Light)
EFP Lighting
• 1 x Arri 800 + Soft Box
• 3 x Arri 650 + Soft Box
• 5 x Arri 300 + Dimmers
• 1 x 1000w Dedo ‘Softlight’ + Soft Box
• 1 x 300w Dedo ‘Softlight’ + Soft Box
• 2 x 150 Dedo Lights + Inline Dimmers + 1 x Soft Box
Reflectors, Various Grip and Gels
Mobile Back-Drop Kit with White, Black, Sky Effect & Ultimatte Green Screens
Kit and Crew Insurance
7 Seater Crew Vehicle + 300w power adapter + Sat Nav + 50 free miles

10 hour day rates for our film crews start from as low as £625

Contact us for booking our specialist services and camera grip / steadicam facilities.

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